Honestly muscle soreness is always related with huge amount of pain, a very uncomfortable feeling which probably 90% people on this planet. When you combine it with casual working out people, most of them, counting me also, are even proud when they have some sore muscles and usually disappointed when they can’t feel any pain after a hard workout. This pain is most of the time related to big muscle groups (chest, back, legs) but it’s always refreshing when you feel it in some unexpected areas, some muscles that have been forgotten for a while.
There are two types of muscle soreness for me, one of them is enjoyable, and makes me proud, the other is annoying as hell, and probably those 90% of peoples nightmare. In the 1st case, I’m talking about me being in good shape, regular training for a while, no bigger breaks than 2-3 days, at least from heavy lifting or very intense training. Sore muscles in that case are quite enjoyable for me, I can feel each and every muscle fiber in my body, and actually at least I know where to hit hard next time, to expand the muscle confusion even more. I’m just following a simple rule: ALWAYS listen to your body. It is actually telling us all we need to know about our workout program we use , what it likes / dislikes etc. The main problem is that people are not really paying attention and they don’t see the answer which is usually in front of them all the time. All the action, effort you put into a workout will be noticed as a reaction your body will signal you, in form of soreness or pain.
The 2nd, more annoying and painful soreness, usually appears, at least for me, after long breaks from training, or even skipping not so popular body parts ( READ : Legs 🙂 ). Unfortunately for most of the beginners there, this is the 1st obstacle they will encounter on their road to sixpack . Horrible pain, even for me after breaks, burning chest, not being able to sit, stiff legs, shoulder pain, all of this is waiting for you when you start. You can’t avoid it. The best thing you can do is t start slow, and increase intensity after couple of weeks. In order to fight it, use stretching, every single morning. I’m spending at least 10 mins, in this case though, on stretching every day. It’s just a game changer, so I advise everyone with this kind of problem to do it. Later on when I’m back In shape, I’m using dynamic stretching before and static after training but that’s a story for another time.

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