Handstands, for beginners

Now when u look people doing handstand, especially advanced handstand movements, including pushups and tiger bands, you have to admire their balance and strength. Even if it looks totally far for you at this point, its definitely doable but it takes time, effort and a lot of patience to get there.

1. How to start?

Answer to this question is quite debatable. Your main muscle group for handstand is ofcourse shoulder, and your arms. If you have weak muscles in those parts, you main problem will be you own confidence and probably lack of balance. I would do several exercises for start to get more comfortable. Shoulder pushups and regular pushups. The will boost ur shoulder / tricep strength a lot so it feel much easier to hold yourself in handstand position.

2. Where to start?

Probably the safest way is to find a semi clear area, near a wall. The technique you should use: stay near the wall, with your back to it, and push with your stronger or more comfortable leg. At first you will probably hit the wall too hard, since you still don’t have the feeling of how much push strength you need to get there. If you feel like falling, you will probably lose control over weaker arm so just try to land on your feet to that side. And remember, keep you arms and elbows in straight position.

3. How to progress?

This is the easiest part. When u keep doing those workouts, and wall handstands, just increase number of reps and time you spend in handstand position. At least this is just for start, more advanced strengthening techniques I will add later on. Do them as much as your soreness allows it, even on daily basis, just make breaks I strength workouts ( READ >> pushups etc.)

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