Gym awkwardness

One of the biggest problems for beginners is how to beat that shy feeling, awkward feeling in your stomach when you’re about to get into the gym. The thing is, you are not self-confident enough, and seeing all those “pumped up” guys is gonna make you feel inferior to them.

That’s actually mistake number one. Most of the people I met in gyms, and I’m talking worldwide, are complete idiots. The number one thing I say to my clients and friends, who are getting started is never EVER listen to people in the gym. Prepare yourself before you go, and listen to your body and no1 else.

Always remember why you came there in the 1st place. Why the hell you wanna torture yourself, move from ur cozy place, and do something that’s gonna with no doubt end up with pain in legs, arms or chest. Everyone should have a reason why he wants to workout. My reason was very simple. My health at one point was so bad, my physical appearance and my strength were a total disaster. I had to change or god knows what would happen to me. I was getting sick almost every month, cough temperature cold etc. But that’s a story for another time.

The biggest problem for me when I switch my whereabouts, is going to the new gym. Always the same stuff. My stomach is feeling weird, I’m annoyed by new people, I have a feeling that everyone is staring at me when I’m working out. Never knew how to deal with that problem, but usually it goes away after a couple of days of hard training.

After a couple of days like I said, I’m opening up a bit to other people, I’m not being a total asshole to everyone and I’m starting to be very curious what people are doing. I can’t help myself to notice all the errors, brain-dead workouts people are doing, but I’m keeping it for myself, Even if some1 asks for help, I’m sticking to basic stuff since I really hate involving myself too much. You can say I’m a jerk, but there’s a good reason for that.
When I’m there, I’m want to be totally focused on myself and my training, I don’t want to be distracted and I’m always thinking ahead and planning my next workouts. Mixing things up is a serious thing for muscle confusion, so I don’t want delays in my resting periods and especially drop sets when I’m doing them.

Keeping this attitude is the way that works for me, doesn’t really mean that it will work for you though, but honestly, if you put yourself into it, and ignore those gym posers will help you achieve goals at the end, even if it makes you look like a complete jerk.

At the end who cares, you are the most important person there.

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