Getting dem muscle – ups

Getting dem muscle ups!

When you come across a guy who are able to perform muscle ups, you just have to think “wow, he’s strong”. At least that’s what I thought for a long time. I was also kinda jealous since I trained on the daily basis, for a long period (couple of years even) and I was still not able to do them.
After couple of months of focus to do them (3 to be precise) I somehow managed to start doing them, not with all proper form, but I thought myself how to from the very beginning.
1st thing I did, a most of the people probably, was to watch a lot of muscle up tutorial videos how to etc. I didn’t learn a single thing from them!! All I saw was a bunch of dudes, who could do them, saying: “ Do 15 pull-ups, do bar dips, kipp etc. and eventually you will get there!”. Been there done that, didn’t help me to do them.
None of the people actually tell you how to overcome failing attempts, especially when you try to switch at the top of the bar, and also, no1 tells what happens to your muscles when you try to get back to the starting position, and how much actual stress it causes to your muscles. Tbh I find it more stressful when I’m doing that than the actual muscle UP!!
I’m gonna give you a couple of tips and stuff that actually helped me to do my 1st ones.

1. Pull-ups
I do not recommend to do explosive pull-ups. Honestly I think it’s a waste of space in this universe, and the strength gains a have by switching from doing them and slo-mo pull-ups is huge. 1st of all, when I do a muscle up, I do not implement any kipping method, I’m going from a steady pull-up to a muscle up, Straight form no bullshit etc. I struggle, but I’m doing it. At the end of the day, it’s not the how many did you do, but how did you do them. I’m proud to do 2-5 straight muscle ups than 10 kipping ones. Honestly I even feel more superior to all those kipping dudes, I just know I’m stronger and it boosts my ego sky-high.

2. Bar dips

Honestly, I think this is the workout that made the biggest strength, impact on my training. As soon as I started to do them, my chest literally exploded, arms , shoulders totally got confused also. This is the king of all chest exercises for me, and as soon as you start doing those properly it will be for you also. There are a couple of variations of bar dips I’m doing, but the ones you need are to focus the weight on your lower chest and arms mostly. When I start dot do them, I could barely do 4-6 proper, now the number exceeds even 15.

3. Jumping muscle ups
Maybe the most important of the 3 exercises that helped me the most. The thing is, it doesn’t really matters how many pull-ups, dips, push-ups you can do. Most of the basic exercise you will still keep doing on the daily basis, or how much ur soreness lets you, but the main problem is getting ur body and brain to know the movement mechanics of a muscle up. Nothing will help you more than a jumping muscle up. The problem is that, depending on how tall you are, you need to find an appropriate bar for your height. You all saw the videos, you all saw all those dudes talking and talking what, how, bla bla bla.. This is your ticket to actually realize where you will have problems. My biggest issues were at the top of the bar when I need to get my butt and elbows across.. I looked dumb as shit and was failing a lot, till I started to jump and get that extra firepower I needed. After a week or two of doing these on the daily basis even, I did my 1st muscle up. The thing is I was advancing be a very simple method. I found 3 different bars, with different height that is. One was as tall as me almost, one was a bit taller, and on one I actually needed to stretch on my toes to get it even. When I felt comfortable on the lower bar, after I was able to do around 15 jumping muscle ups on it, I would move to the higher one etc. That’s how I actually made progress and did my 1st muscle up. My body just adapted to the movement, my arms started to move without even me thinking when how, and I managed to get my upper body across and do goddamn regular muscle up.

There are a lot more problems you will face, but I think it’s gonna be different for every1. I still have issues to synchronize my both hands and get over the bar at the same time, and I still feel the enormous pressure on my arms when I’m going down, but it’s getting better every time a go out and train. At the end of the day, just be persistent and try as much as your soreness allows you, You will get there.

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