Diet for beginners

Yes, you’re right. The food is the most important thing for your HEALTH. When it comes to training, you can also pass with semi junk stuff, but depending on what you do in the gym, it might require more or less intensive workouts to burn out the calories.
I don’t want to bother you people with all those details for now, , I’m just gonna focus on solving problems for people that are actually thinking of changing their lifestyle / diet today.

First of all, don’t change anything in your food choice at the beginning, just dump or if you can’t, lower 2 things: sodas and sweets. If you are a fat ass don’t worry man, a lot of people overcame obesity problems, so can you. But like I said, focus on lowering / dropping sodas and sweets. They are just a useless piece of sugars and NO your body doesn’t need it. Ur brain is used to them so it’s sending the wrong messages man. Don’t worry, in a few weeks you will totally drop them out.

When it comes to your food choice do 1 thing to start. Try to divide your meals if they are enormous, instead of eating once, twice huge meals per day, try to have 3 regular meals, and maybe 2 snacks. Those 2 snack can even be the leftovers from big meals, like I said, just divide them a but so it fits this simple plan: breakfast snack lunch snack dinner. I was a guy who ate once per day, and I’m talking total shit once per day, I was drinking 2 liters of sodas, shitload of coffee (with sugars) and was eating 300g chocolate in less than 3 mins every other day. If I could do it it, so can anyone..

Taking out bad food is a process, and I do not recommend big overnight changes, take it one small step at the time. At the end it the summary will be enormous, and the results will be there, so just chillax and enjoy the changes. I will talk about the food choices and be a lot more detailed in some of the upcoming parts.

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