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There are no shortcuts. You will need to accept this hard fact before you even start thinking about changing anything in your life. You will need to be persistent In order to achieve your fitness / health or any other goals. I had to do the same when I actually started to seriously pay attention to my health and life habits.

I didn’t know anything about bodybuilding, workouts, diets, even though I had a semi pro background in basketball. But it was easy to burn out the calories in teens. Problems started to add up after I turned 25. Huge immunity problems and annoying weight gains, especially in my belly. I guess genetics hits everyone differently.

Most of my buddies that started to train gave up after a couple of months except for me. The stuff I’m doing now, calisthenics moves and my actual bodystrenght exceeded my expectations by far, so I’m more than sure that any1 who follows my own way will have the same experience with minor changes though. After all, we are all different individuals and our body reacts differently to diets, workouts etc. At the end if you don’t enjoy it, change it. One of the many rules that helped me a lot.

The N.B.W. ( No Bullshit Workouts) is a simple method I’m using, to share my own personal experience, with no bullshit theories of “bullet – proof” facts found on most of the website related to fitness / bodybuilding etc. If I didn’t try it I don’t even want to discuss it. If I didn’t go through something, how can help someone with actual experience in that field? All the exercise, you will actually see, all the supplements, recipes, tips on diet, I’m using on the daily basis and I will share them. You will be able to see my own progress, and you will be able to use my own experience to help yourself on your own journey to accomplish health & fitness goals you might have.

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